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Who we are

We are a company in Athens, Greece, that specializes in making it considerably easier for foreign companies and entrepreneurs to start their branch, or venture, in Greece.

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Our services

In one sentence, we undertake all state-side issues, and then help with the actual premises, organization, logistics, equipment and security.

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Time is money

We firmly believe that time=money. Therefore, we guarantee that your company's installation time in Greece will be the absolute minimum. See how:

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Computing, servers, systems, support

Often it is not possible for your homeland IT gurus to come to a new country. Also, you may want to have local support. We know what you need. Please read along:

Ektenia is renowned for its IT services.

Our core team of consultants will orchestrate a successful IT implementation for your Greek branch / company, and of course, any communication links that ought to be set-up with the mother-company abroad.

We will not disclose all of the steps taken, but rest assured that at least the following will be necessary, and will be implemented:

establish the nature of the new entity
understand the IT needs associated
predict future needs
quantify / superimpose the project into the Greek reality
reach a formal agreement with the customer (you)
arrange milestones
arrange project finances
arrange reporting
arrange project control
implement the project
integrate the project's result with your current operations
discuss and arrange further work
mutually declare the project's end.

Often it is not possible for your homeland IT gurus to come to a new country. Also, you may want to have local support. We know what you need. Please read along:

The main chapters of IT support you will be needing are as follows:

logistics support
office productivity
operating systems (e.g. Microsoft Windows / Unix / Linux / Apple OS) support
remote area surveillance
backup systems and setup
disaster recovery mechanisms & redundancy
Service Level Agrements (SLA) on the above.
These are all very serious issues, demanding the utmost attention. Ektenia can provide and guarantee your business development and continuity. Please contact our staff to arrange an appropriate appointment.

The team

The Ektenia team comprises a diverse set of people, incorporated together to provide our customers with superior service.

We know exactly where you are coming from. We, together, understand the immense opportunity that Greece poses right now, more than in any other time. Greece is a gray market in some areas, but very vibrant and clear in most other. But we know that.

Our layers, accountants, I.T. personnel, security officers, auditors, administration staff, are chosen for their ability to deliver, and help you invest in Greece.

Our performance and deliverables are designed to be bound with SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to your request, for your assurance, review of quality delivered, and protection.


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