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Who we are

We are a company in Athens, Greece, that specializes in making it considerably easier for foreign companies and entrepreneurs to start their branch, or venture, in Greece.

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Our services

In one sentence, we undertake all state-side issues, and then help with the actual premises, organization, logistics, equipment and security.

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Time is money

We firmly believe that time=money. Therefore, we guarantee that your company's installation time in Greece will be the absolute minimum. See how:

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Greece: Chosen by the Gods. Chosen by you. We help your business settle in...


We welcome your choice of investment target: One of the most magnificent countries, Greece.

Truly a great choice for your business expansion, for a number of reasons. We agree on this.

It is true that you and your business could come to Greece, and arrange all things necessary for a local presence, by yourselves. What we actually offer is a significant amount of financial and time savings. We will do it faster, it will cost much less, and it will probably be done better (all things put into the equation). Our added-value proposal is our unique knowledge of the local ecosystem. Organizations, companies, suppliers, people, distribution networks, technology providers. We know them and they know our network. We invite you to take advantage of this.

The team

The Ektenia team comprises a diverse set of people, incorporated together to provide our customers with superior service.

We know exactly where you are coming from. We, together, understand the immense opportunity that Greece poses right now, more than in any other time. Greece is a gray market in some areas, but very vibrant and clear in most other. But we know that.

Our layers, accountants, I.T. personnel, security officers, auditors, administration staff, are chosen for their ability to deliver, and help you invest in Greece.

Our performance and deliverables are designed to be bound with SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to your request, for your assurance, review of quality delivered, and protection.


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